Hello Friends i sultan today here tell you about all cricket betting that how to play how odd works.
How can you you profit With Our given cricket betting tips ?

How Bet Placed ?

According to our knowledge there are mainly two types of bet :

First one  is to bet on the outcome of the match , Where bookies is only bets money on the team 

Another is based on the Outcome of Played Six overs 
In six over betting , bets are played to this way that how much can team score the run in this overs and limed period of time For Ex: one can bet 60 or 80 runs can be scored in the next six overs

With Whom You can place bet?

If You are thinking that bookie can, it its wrong A bookie will not take bets from an unknown person — people are inducted only through proper referrals.

This whole cricket betting world will going on trust as you trust on us for our given CBTF as same all the betting world go on the trust.
Main think if you are with bookies and you loose a huge amount and you not able to give so how they recover it ?

This is the place where the reference come they collect or force your reference to collect the money only due this the crime rate is increasing this the betting 

Bookies see all kinds of people placing bets.The difference is that a salaried person would make much noise after he wins Rs 10,000 or loses it in a match. However the rich will maintain a poker face even if they win or lose Rs 10 crore

Profits for bookies:

Bookie earn profit prom both side but mainly from the losing side the person who loose the bet .

How Odds work in cricket ?

The odds will always be stacked against weaker team

as our given knowledge learn what we say and be in touch with us and follow our website for all updates believe on us we will never ever takes you to losing money in bet.
Our given cricket betting tips always helps you to earn not to loose