cricket betting tips


Top 5 Golden Betting tips Rules-

1. Season betting tips , Jo team Win Kerti hai Hamesa uske Opposite hota he.

2. Cricket betting me Always 85% profit Bowling team pe play kerne se hi hota hai so bet on bowling team.

3.  20-20 Tournament Mai 8 – 10 overs mai Wining or Loss kerne mai profite hota hai .

4. 50-50 Overs kai


 tournament mai stating kai 10-13 over and 35-40 overs kai mid mai hi profit or lose ka sodha kere.

5. Firstly 1 bowling pe betting place kere phir 2nd wale pe place kerne ka soche prite kai liye


Cricket betting tips plays an important role in cricket. We want to tell you all that we give only predictions completely based on our experience in betting.